How to Reduce Taxi Insurance Premiums

No claims discount

Insurance companies appreciate taxi owners who do make claims. Further, taxi owners are offered up to 60% discount in the premium amount, depending on the duration through which, the owner refrained from making insurance claims. The amount of discount offered varies from company to company. If an accident does happen but the damage is minor and within the spending capacity of the taxi owner, then footing such minor bills is better than claiming taxi insurance. In the long run, if you do have to make claims, then the insurance company will be more considerate towards those who do not make many claims and will process your request quickly.

Maintain taxis well

Maintenance of taxis is one of the most importance factors not only to for safe driving and long lives of the vehicles, but also for reducing taxi insurance premiums. Insurance companies examine the condition of the vehicle before deciding on the policy. Vehicles that are not maintained well will either be charged exorbitantly high premiums or may be disregarded for insurance because such vehicles stand increased risk of being involved in accidents. Since vehicles that are well maintained are in better control of the driver and the risk of accident is largely reduced. Therefore, monthly premiums are lower.

Install safety systems in the vehicles

Insurance companies give a lot of importance to safety measures in the taxi. Taxi Haarlem Enhanced care on part of the taxi owner to ensure the safety of the taxi is a factor that leads to reduction in premiums. Taxis need to be installed with security systems like alarms, theft indicators, GPRS and other systems. If the insurance company is confident that you are taking all possible precautions to safeguard the vehicle, then monthly premiums will be fixed at a lower price.

Appoint skilled drivers

The expertise and skill of drivers is among the important factors that influence the monthly premium of the taxi insurance. You can lower your insurance by having a limited number of drivers. However, maximum discounts are offered to owners who drive the taxi themselves. Drivers are required to have at least a couple of years of experience in driving. Driver with defensive driving certificate will beget more reduction in premiums. You can get large discount if you submit the names and details of your drivers. Drivers with clean driving history are preferred for insurance. Due to all these factors, appointment of skilled drivers is one of the techniques you can adopt not only for the safety the passengers and the vehicle but also for reduced premiums.

Stick to your requirements

This applies if you are going in for a comprehensive taxi insurance policy. Depending upon the size and services offered by a taxi company, insurance requirements vary. A comprehensive insurance policy includes several features that may not be necessary for your company. Further, since the number of covers offered under comprehensive insurance is more, the premium is also much higher. By cutting down on some of the covers, you can reduce your premium.

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